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Rome Museums

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Rome Museums

Exclusive Private Visits Rome (the capital city of Italy) is the place of many world-known Museums and Monuments. Discovery Art and History of the Eternal City Rome with our exclusive booking. RomaStar provides exclusive visits and tour of Vatican Museums, National Gallery of Modern Art, National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia, Borghese Gallery, Capitoline Museums, Centrale Montemartini Museum, Barracco Museum and Napoleonic Museum..
Exclusive Private Visits


Rome Monuments
RomaStar also provides Luxury Tour of the most important monuments in Rome. RomaStar will escort you with prestigious vehicle, professional guide all above Colosseum, Ara Pacis, Trevi Fountain, Castle Sant’Angelo, Piazza Venezia and many other.



- Vatican Museums

- National Gallery of Modern Art

- National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia

- Capitoline Museums

- Borghese Gallery

- Comune Museums


- Castle San’t Angelo

- Colosseum

- Ara Pacis

- Trevi Fountain

- Piazza Venezia



Vatican Museums

In Vatican Museums are located huge and beautiful collection of Raphael’s renaissance frescoes into four room rooms. In Vatican there is also place Vatican Picture Gallery also known as Pinacoteca included artist as Caravaggio, Giotto and Leonardo da Vinci. Private visit of Vatican Museums


Sistine Chapel - Michelangelo

Sistine Chapel the place, where are held the conclave for the election of the popes and other pontifical ceremonies with Michelangelo’s frescoes. Private visit of Sistine Chapel


Borghese Gallery

Beautiful collections of sculptures most made by Bernini and Canova, paintings from Caravaggio.

Private visit of Borghese Gallery


National Gallery of Modern Art

The largest collection XIX and XX century of Modern Art in Rome in paintings, where you can admire many great artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet and Gustav Klimt. Private visit of National Gallery of Modern Art


Capitoline Museums

Where you can see mainly Greek, Roman and Egyptian art. There is also placed Capitoline Art Gallery including Caravaggio, Peter Paul Rubens and others. Private visit of Capitoline Museums


National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia

Terracotta statues and the clay sculpture of VI century. Private visit of National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia


Centrale Montemartini – ancient sculptures and industrial past (Comune Museums)

In the museum Centrale Montemartini is housed the second large collection of ancient sculptures in Rome. Originally there was first public electricity plant in Rome. The contrast between classical artworks and industrial past makes this museum one of the most visited museum in Rome. Private visit of Centrale Montemartini


Barracco Museum – Antique Art (Comune Museums)

Barracco Museum is another museum of Comune Rome. It is named after Giovanni Barracco, rich nobleman, who collected a large significat collection of antique sculptures and in 1902 donated it to the City of Rome. The collection consists of Phoenician, Greek, Egyptian, Cypriot, Roman, Assyrian and Etruscan Art.
Private visit of Barracco Museum


Napoleonico Museum (Comune Museums)

Napoleonico Museum is other museum of Comune Rome. It has large collection of art masterpieces – Napoleonic relics, family’s memories and original ceilings from 18the century. Into Napoleonico Museum are represented three important Napoleonic periods - the actual Napoleonic period, the Roman period and the period of the second Empire.
Private visit of Napoleonico Museum



Colosseum is one of Italian major tourist’s attraction. It was inserted in 1980 by UNESCO in the list of human heritage and in 2007 it became one of the seven wonderworks of the modern world. It is considered as the largest amphitheatre ever built in the Roman Empire. Colosseum Luxury Tour


Ara Pacis

In Ara Pacis is located the Altar of Peace, which was devoted to Augustus’s honor. Ara Pacis Luxury Tour


Castle Sant’Angelo

National Museum of Castle Sant’Angelo with the collection of jewels, ceramics and weapons.

Castle Sant’Angelo Luxury Tour


Trevi Fountain

Situated in the square Trevi, where stands the largest and one of the most beautiful fountain, where we can admire wonderful artwork of baroque sculpture. Trevi Fountain Luxury Tour


Piazza Venezia

On of the most important square in Rome is located the Victor Emmanuel II. Monument. The neo-classic building from white calcite is considered to be the biggest monument in Italy. Recently in Victor Emmanuel II. Monument were opened two glass elevators, which take you to the terace, where you can take the 360 degree view cross Rome.
Piazza Venezia Luxury Tour



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