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Borghese Gallery

Exclusive visit of Borghese Gallery

Borghese Gallery is placed in the beautiful renaissance park Villa Borghese, in the centre of Rome. Our goal is to give you an unique possibility to enjoy unforgettable experience of art, in the historical complex of statues, while Borghese Gallery is closed for public.

RomaStar provides you an exclusive tour of the three important museums (Borghese Gallery with Baroque and Renaissance art, National Gallery of Modern Art and National Museum Etruscan of Villa Giulia) located in the Borghese Villa complex. For more information go to section Luxury Packages.


In Borghese Gallery are twenty rooms across two floors. The first floor follows mainly sculpture as the second paintings. Borghese Gallery has one of the most world extensive collections of art. It includes personal Scipione Borghese collection of art, paintings, sculpture and classical antiquities.

In museum Borghese Gallery, you can find artworks from famous artists as Caravaggio, Raphael, Peter Paul Rubens, Titian, Lorenzo Lotto or Savoldo. As well you can admire maybe one of the nicest collection of statues, created by Bernini or Antonia Canova.
In the basic floor there are mostly classical antiquities dated in the 1st-3rd centuries AD and classical and neo-classical sculpture.

Borghese Gallery the reconstruction works, due to foundations instability, started in 1984, while it was closed for public until 1986. These works has given it’s original beauty.
Let us to drive you through art and history with an exclusive visit in the Borghese Gallery.


Into Borghese Gallery museum is placed one of the most beautiful collection of statues, created by famous artists as Bernini ( included David, Apollo and Daphne, The Rape of Proserpine) or Antonia Canova ( Pauline Borghese – neo-classical style). By viewing these statues you hardly believe that its sculpted just starting by a huge block of marble.



In Borghese Gallery you can see huge quantity of frescoes from Caravaggio ( David with the Head of the Goliath or Madonna of the Palafrenierti), Savoldo ( Tobias and the Angel), Peter Paul Rubens, Titian, Raphael (The Deposition) or Lorenzo Lotto (Madonna and Child with Saints).


Villa Borghese is a large territory one of the biggest garden in the center of Rome. Villa Borghese contains several buildings such as Borghese Gallery, Borghese Museum or Borghese Summer House.

You can enter into Borghese complex by many exits. Presently the most used is Porta Pinciana.

The Cardinal Scipione Borghese, the nephew’s pontiff Paul V Borghese, committed to build this complex to satisfy his pleasure of collecting paintings, sculptures, masterpieces, antiquities mainly of the XVI century.

Only because Cardinal Scipione was collecting works of art, you have the change to admire, the large collections of antique sculptures and paintworks , of many well-word known artists as Caravaggio, ­Peter Paul Rubens, Titian, Bernini etc.. in Borghese Gallery.


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