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National Gallery of Modern Art

Private visit of National Gallery of Modern Art

National Gallery is one of a several buildings that are placed in the centre of Rome, into a complex Villa Borghese. Very near is also Borghese Gallery, Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia (with Etruscan art) or Borghese Museum ( Baroque and Renaissance art).

The Exclusive visit of National Gallery of Modern Art with RomaStar, will let you admire many artworks, without any public, leaving you the time to get to know art better. We provide Luxury tours including National Gallery of Modern Art or private reservations for corporate groups. For more information regarding our private visits, go to the section Luxury Packages.


Exclusive reservation for private visit of National Gallery of Modern Art


If you like art, paintings, history we would suggest you to visit Gallery of Modern Art, which devotes mainly painters and sculptures from XIX and XX century, but You can also see here older artworks.

National Gallery of Modern Art has also one of the largest collection in Italy of 19th-20th century works by many the most famous artists that period. Claude Monet, Giacomo Balla, Boccini Umberto, Cèzanne Paul, Gustave Courbert, Edgar Degas, Gustav Klimt, Amedeo Modigliani, Piet Mondrian, Giorgio de Chirico, Marcel Duchamp, Giorgio Morandi, Lucio Fontana, George Braque, Vassily Kandinsky, Edvard Munch, Pollock are just some of the artists, whose artworks are collected into National Gallery.


The Nineteenth-Century in Gallery of Modern art

In principle you can divide collections into National Gallery of Modern Art into two periods : The Nineteenth-Century and The Twentieth-Century. The Nineteenth-Century starts from the Napoleonic period to 1883 to Romanticism, Realisms and Impressionism.
From the Napoleonic period there is also an artwork Hercules and Lichas by Antonio Canova, the leading Neoclassical Italian artist.
In Romanticism artists had been focusing on feelings, sensations and experience. They were trying to escape from every-day of life, dreaming about especially the Middle ages, they were reproducing Gothic. Hence if you watch in the National Gallery of Modern Art, romanticism artworks as for example Federico Faruffini – The Virgin of the Nile or Francesco Hayez – Sicilian Vespers , you may feel the similarity with the middle ages.

In Gallery of Modern Art there is also placed Gustave Coubert ( the founder of Realism) – Poaches in the Snow. In Realisms there were mainly producing the beauties of the nature - lanscapes, animal studies, suspects of normal day life and seascapes.
From Nineteenth-Century Section there is also placed Pink Waterlilies of famous artist Claude Monet (the founder of Impressionist), who influenced and also influences many artist until now. Claude Monet’s experiments with a light and colour not only made him the most famous artist but also helped to reach an initial point of Abstract Art. Another very excellent Late-Impressionism artists, whose artworks are placed here is Vincent van Gogh–and his The Gardener, Paul Cèzanne– Le Cabanon de Jourdan and Edgar Degas and his example of his interest’s in washing and drying women – Après le Bain.


The Twentieth-Century

Beginning of 20th century is characteristic for fast coming up of many art directions such as Fauvism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Minimalism, Expressionism, Art Deco, Abstract Art, Secessionism, Futurisms and others. But the most important art direction and painter from all has been and will be forever Pablo Picasso, the founder of Cubism.

In Art Gallery you can see many paintings of directions from the beginning of 20th century.
In Gallery of Modern Art you can find many of paintings from Futurisms as for example Umberto Boccioni - Portrait of Maestro Busoni, Marcel Duchamp, Giacomo Balla – Dynamic Expansion + Speed or Villa Borghese: the Deer Park.

In Gallery are also masterpieces of Gustav Klim – The Three Ages (Secessionism), Amedeo Modigliani – Lady in a Collarette or Piet Mondrian (Abstract Art) and one of his “squarely” paintings as for example Large Composition A with Black, Red, Yellow and Blue.


Exclusive reservation for private visit of National Gallery of Modern Art




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